The MOST effective shoulder exercises

Friday, July 05, 2024

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MOST effective shoulder exercises!


EMG measures the electrical activity produced by muscles, indicating how much a muscle is activated during an exercise. Here's a ranking of some common shoulder exercises based on their EMG activity for the deltoid muscles:

1. **Dumbbell Shoulder Press**
2. **Barbell Shoulder Press**
3. **Arnold Press**
4. **Dumbbell Lateral Raise**
5. **Cable Lateral Raise**
6. **Bent-Over Dumbbell Lateral Raise**
7. **Face Pull**
8. **Dumbbell Front Raise**
9. **Cable Front Raise**
10. **Upright Row**

In my mind, more muscle activity leads to more effective and efficient workouts because it leads to the most bang for your buck!


1. **Dumbbell Shoulder Press**: This exercise generally shows high EMG activation across all deltoid heads, making it a comprehensive shoulder workout.
2. **Barbell Shoulder Press**: Similar to the dumbbell shoulder press, it activates the deltoids significantly but may engage the anterior deltoid slightly more.
3. **Arnold Press**: This variation of the shoulder press adds an element of rotation, increasing the engagement of the anterior and medial deltoids.
4. **Dumbbell Lateral Raise**: Targets the medial deltoid very effectively, which is crucial for shoulder width and overall shape.
5. **Cable Lateral Raise**: Provides continuous tension throughout the movement, enhancing medial deltoid activation.
6. **Bent-Over Dumbbell Lateral Raise**: Focuses on the posterior deltoid, which is often underworked but crucial for balanced shoulder development.
7. **Face Pull**: Excellent for the posterior deltoid and also helps with shoulder health by strengthening the rotator cuff muscles.
8. **Dumbbell Front Raise**: Primarily targets the anterior deltoid, which is often engaged in pressing movements but can benefit from isolation work.
9. **Cable Front Raise**: Like the dumbbell version, but with continuous tension, increasing anterior deltoid activation.
10. **Upright Row**: Engages the deltoids and traps, though it can be risky for shoulder impingement if not done correctly.

These rankings can vary slightly depending on the specific study and the individuals tested, but generally, compound movements like shoulder presses tend to show higher overall shoulder activation.

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