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Themightymiracleman Method
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Themightymiracleman Method

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I want to tell you a story about a friend of mine. In the bustling city of New York, there lived a young woman named Maya, whose passion for dance knew no bounds. From a young age, Maya dreamed of becoming a professional dancer, mesmerizing audiences with her graceful movements. However, fate had a different plan for her.

One fateful evening, while walking home from a dance rehearsal, Maya was struck by a speeding car. The impact was severe, leaving her with a traumatic head injury. Doctors warned Maya that she might never dance again, let alone pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer.

But Maya was not one to give up easily. Despite the odds stacked against her, she embarked on a journey of recovery fueled by determination and resilience. Day after day, she underwent rigorous physical therapy, pushing herself beyond her limits.

As weeks turned into months, Maya's progress astonished even her doctors. Though she still faced challenges and setbacks, she refused to let her injury define her. With unwavering perseverance, Maya gradually regained her strength and mobility.

Eager to return to the dance studio, Maya faced skepticism from her peers and instructors. They doubted her ability to perform at the same level as before, fearing that her injury would hold her back. But Maya remained undeterred, determined to prove them wrong.

With sheer grit and determination, Maya stepped onto the dance floor once more. Though her movements were initially hesitant and cautious, she poured her heart and soul into every step, refusing to let her injury hinder her passion.

Slowly but surely, Maya's confidence soared as she rediscovered her love for dance. With each performance, she defied expectations, captivating audiences with her raw talent and undeniable spirit. Her journey inspired others facing similar challenges, showing them that with perseverance and resilience, anything is possible.

In the end, Maya's head injury proved to be not a limitation, but rather a testament to the power of the human spirit. Through her unwavering determination, she proved that no obstacle is too great to overcome, and that true strength lies within the depths of one's heart.

And That's When It Hit Me...

Maya is just ONE example of other people like me... I should write a book about "overcoming" life's challenges for fellow brain injury survivors AND "normal" people! 
​So Themightymiracleman method was created. Since creating it, I have PERSONALLY used it to achieve the perfect work/life balance and make it more relevant to EVERYONE!


Discover How to Manage Your Mental Mindset to Achieve Your Fitness Goals!

  • Pro Athletes
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So If You're Struggling With Work/Life Balance...

This Book Is For You!

Buying the Themightymiracleman method would be beneficial because it offers unique insights, strategies, and techniques that align with your goals and dreams. It provides valuable knowledge or guidance in areas such as personal development, success strategies, and overcoming life’s obstacles. Ultimately, the decision to buy is yours BUT I believe it will genuinely support your growth and progress.

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Meet the Author

Brenden Nichols

It started on the night of October 14, 2011. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen... I had just awoken from a nap and was really to set out to meet my father and brother for a weekend hunting trip. Unfortunately, that weekend would be the start of a different kind of journey, a very long and arduous one. I had just made it through Montana and was on the Lolo pass along the river, which was on my left when it happened. I was driving along when suddenly a deer jumped in front of me. I swerved left. Bad idea, the river was there, so I turned right quickly and over corrected accidentally. The car flipped on it’s side and slid into the hillside. When it did my head slammed into the seat and then rebounded into the steering wheel. This is when I lost consciousness.

I’ve been told that several hours passed before a truck driver discovered my car, who unhitched his load to hurry to an emergency phone line. Since it was foggy they couldn’t send an airplane or helicopter and I had to wait several hours for an ambulance out of Missoula, Montana. I hung upside down by the seatbelt for hours with a broken Sternum, both clavicles, six ribs, two vertebrae, and a collapsed lung. I imagine most of the readers are going, “that’s quite a bit of broken bones, how is he not dead?” Honestly I’m thinking the same thing as I write this. I have a very deep faith so I hope you’ll understand my belief that God must have saved me.

My physical therapist's assistant, Shawn Burke who's also a personal trainer and ASEA athlete, invited me to a meeting for something called ASEA. I didn't know what it was at the time but I and my chemical engineer dad soon learned how Asea boosts our own natural redox signaling. My dad being a chemical engineer and me being a pre-med student, understood the chemistry behind the product. . As I listened about the chemistry, I started to point at a bottle and whisper to my dad that I needed it. After the meeting, we went up and asked about getting on the product. I was disappointed at first to find out that we had to order and wait for it. That disappointment soon changed though as they figured out how to get me some that night, I started the product that night, and I've been on it ever since

What I only came to know much much later was that I had hung unconscious upside down in my smashed jeep for hours. I hung upside down by the seatbeltFor hours until someone found me.
During my 4 months in a coma the doctors told my parents the hardest thing that any doctor could ever have to say, the doctor thought the kindest thing to do would be to turn off the machines and euthanize me to go in peace. In his opinion the rest of my life consisted of a vegetative state, constant care, and a long oblivion of isolation and silence.

My parents refused to accept this death sentence for their child.

Instead they chose the impossible task of caring for me themselves. They decided they would take me home and do whatever they had to do for me to have any quality of life. To do anything they could to help me.

My parents put me up in their own room to take of the special needs I had such as toileting at night. They worked with me and cared for me and never gave up on me. They had to start over, teaching me everything again. It was about at this time when my dad, who has a degree in chemical engineering was approached by a physical therapist assistant from another hospital who wanted to introduce us to a technology he felt would help my condition. His name was Shawn Burke and the technology was ReDox Signaling Molecules.

My dad understood the significance of this science and its implications right away. I understood too what this represented.  So I started taking the ReDox multiple times a day.  I also started seeing Shawn who tirelessly worked with me. Shawn was actually with me for my first steps that were totally assisted, and was still working with me to see me take my first steps unassisted. I have no doubt that my recovery was due to not only my own will, and Shawn's hard work and encouragement, but it was in large part the ReDox technology that helped me battle my way through insurmountable odds.

After having my parents told to euthanize me, and my being told time after time by doctors that I had little to no chance of any quality of life, and would certainly never walk, run, or do anything approaching a physical endeavor, it all sounded pretty hopeless.  My parents, and Shawn told me not to listen. I was the master of my future. To set goals. So I did. I wanted to stand strong. With these people behind me and this amazing technology I proved everyone else wrong. Thanks to ReDox technology, my parents and so many special people, like Shawn Burke who never gave up on me, I am now doing all of those things they said I never could, and more.

Now the question is:

Are You Next?

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I'd like to rush you a digital copy of my brand new book right away!

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